Preventative Maintenance Agreements

Fix Small Problems Before They Become Big, Costly Problems

Protect Your Home Investment

Every homeowner hopes to enjoy their investment without too many unexpected, expensive repairs. Our Preventative Maintenance Agreements (PMAs) aim to ensure just that.

By signing up for a PMA, you’ll receive an annual, comprehensive electrical inspection from one of our expert electricians. Not only does this offer you proactive scheduling as a client, but it also grants you peace of mind knowing that A-American Electric is catching small problems before they become big problems.


Common Fire & Electrical Hazards

Over time, every home experiences wear and tear on its electrical system. The hazards below represent both the most serious and most common electrical issues within a home.

Loose wires or damaged wires (due to wear-and-tear or critters)—particularly in attics, crawlspaces, and unfinished basements—are some of the most common fire hazards

An arc fault is created by current flowing through an unintended path, and the intense heat an arc generates (up to 10,000ºF+) can ignite surrounding materials in your home, such as insulation or wood framing. Loose/damaged outlets often cause arc faults and must be maintained/replaced as needed.

If your outlets aren’t properly grounded, your body can become electricity’s dangerous path to the ground. In kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoors, it’s absolutely vital to ensure your shock protection is operating correctly.

Connections in your main panel—as well as AC and water heater disconnects—need to be properly maintained in order to ensure your and any utility or appliance serviceperson’s safety.

If there are breakers oversized for their wires, this poses a serious fire hazard.

Batteries should be replaced annually, and the detectors themselves should be cleaned in order to ensure bugs/debris aren’t causing dysfunction.

Electrical Services Included in a PMA

Our PMAs function as an annual agreement that gives you priority in our service queue and entitles you to the following annual services:

Smoke Detectors inspected, tested, and batteries changed yearly

Ground Fault Protection Devices inspected

Arc Fault Protection Devices inspected

Electrical Panels inspected and cleaned yearly

Attics, Crawlspaces, and Unfinished Basements visually checked for problem areas

All Major Electrical Connections inspected where common failures begin

And with a PMA, you'll never pay overtime rates, no matter if your service occurs on Tuesday afternoon or Saturday night. Also, when it's time to renew your annual PMA, we don't automatically charge you—we'll call first to verify you'd like to renew the agreement.

Save Money. Save Time. Get Peace of Mind.

Protect you and your loved ones from serious hazards and unexpected financial burdens. Contact our Service Department about a Preventative Maintenance Agreement today.

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