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Electrician Jobs in Asheville and Beyond

We invest in our employees' success

At A-American Electric, our success over the years has relied heavily on the culture we've created. We don't just hire you—we welcome you into our family. No matter your experience level, we want you to spend the rest of your career with us. And that's why we invest in every employee's success and well-being.

Our career path system is comprised of six Electrician Levels, ranging from EL0 to EL5. Each level requires a certain degree of skill and experience, and thus pay that reflects those achievements. You'll always be in the know as to exactly what sort of training and on-the-job situations you'll need in order to level up, and those opportunities will always be available. We offer debt-free, state-approved apprenticeship training.

With a career at AAE, you'll also enjoy:
  • A 4-day work-week standard (some projects may run 5 days)
  • A benefits package including health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, paid time off, and a retirement plan
  • Working for a company with a respected reputation and central location
  • Opportunities to give back to the Western NC community
  • A professional environment with genuine camaraderie
  • An incredible place to live in the greater Asheville area

Electrician Levels

Your career path with A-American Electric.


$$$$$$ - 5YRS+ Experience

This position is responsible for leading the largest or most difficult projects. This person should be an expert on managing manpower, Code, and trade installations.


$$$$$ - 4YRS+ Experience

This position is responsible for leading projects with little supervision. This person is capable of managing manpower, tools, materials, and equipment to complete on time and to a high standard of quality, safety, and code.


$$$$ - 3YRS+ Experience

This position is responsible for working under an Electrician or Superintendent on a project, or for leading selected projects with an Assistant/Apprentice on their own with follow-up and support from the field super and project manager.


$$$ - 0YRS+ Experience

This position works under a Journeyman, Electrician, or Superintendent. At the discretion of the Leader, this person can assist or be laid out on selected projects, but should always be followed up on as this person is still learning the trade.


$$ - 0YRS+ Experience

This position assists the Electrician and should always have close supervision. Typically, this person is responsible for setup/cleanup and learning materials and installation practices.


$ - 0YRS+ Experience

This entry-level position participates in our new hire orientation and training program for at least 90 days, or until requirements have been met to move to EL1. 

Now Hiring Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Electricians & Apprentices

Follow the job posting link to apply for the position you're interested in. Once you submit an application, our HR Department will get back to you as soon as they've had a chance to review it.

What Our Teammates Are Saying About Working At AAE

A-American Electric knows happy employees make for a strong company.

Hear from our team:

I have worked for 4 electrical companies in the past 28 years. My experience over the past 5 years working with A-American Electric Inc. has been the best of my career. The atmosphere, professionalism and camaraderie of my fellow workers are the greatest I’ve had the privilege being a part of.

John Miller

I’ve recently started working with A-American and I love it. I’ve been with a few different employees who have all been very professional and great men in general. I’m excited for the time to come working with A-American.

Christian Wilson

I have less than a year experience working for A-American Electric but so far it has been great! I came into the trade with zero knowledge and not knowing if I would like it, but it’s been the best decision I’ve made career wise.

Jorge Nunez

I have been employed by A-American for over 15 years. They are a family owned company, who pride themselves on providing great customer service. They are constantly offering electrical and safety training for the employees. I am happy to be working here.

Jason Holbert

A-American Electric has been the best place I have ever had the pleasure of working at. The management is caring, and really help you to be the best that you can be. High quality work and a high quality place to work, recommend to anyone!

Richard Clark

I have worked for A-American for close to 6 years now and couldn't ask for a better company to call home! They focus on developing employees into better people and electricians. Schooling, Training, Profit Sharing, and many more benefits, it truly is a family and not just a company. A Christian based company who does right by their customers and employees!

Austin Ownbey

Both the President and Vice-President as well as all the office staff are very attentive to the safety of their employees and the quality of our work. Our Managers are among the best most reliable men in their fields. The secretaries always do what ever it takes to make our jobs and lives easier so we can focus more on our customers. In closing my only regret would be having not started my career with A-American Electric Inc. I love working with A-American Electric Inc.

John Miller

I enjoy everyday coming into work and working with an amazing crew. Of all the jobs I have had in my life this is the most professional, respectful bunch I have ever worked with. It was a very big decision for me to make this career move and I don’t regret a day of it.

Buddy Williams

I have been blessed to be working for A-American for the last +3 years. Great company to work for. They are a very professional in all aspects of the job. It is a family oriented business and a great place to work. With there help and class that are provided by the company I was able to pass my state electrical exam.

Marcus Olson

Great faith based company. Fair and honest. I work for them and maybe you should too.

Glen Osborne

A most excellent company to work for. Wonderful people to work with, lifting one another up to be the best electric company around. Whether you are looking to begin a career or need honest electrical work at a fair price, you will find it at A-American Electric.

Emanuel Harris

It's Time To Start A Career That Satisfies You

At AAE, we aim to serve our employees with proper education, safety instruction, quality pay and benefits, and a culture where you are appreciated and are encouraged to thrive.

A letter from the owner, Kris Wilson:

There's no better time to learn a skilled trade than now. With a national shortage of skilled tradespeople creating such a high demand for electricians, our trade continues to get safer and pay higher than ever before.

We invest heavily in our employees' success and wellbeing—that's why we have an industry leading low turnover rate. We offer a tuition-free, state-approved apprenticeship training program to teach you the “why” behind what we do. This goes hand in hand with your on-the-job training and in-house programs that help you elevate to your highest potential. We've also developed a career level system so you know exactly where you are in your development and what you need to do to continue to advance.

If you're looking for a new career, or if you already have electrical experience and you’re looking for a new home—A-American Electric is here to serve you.