How To Choose an Asheville Electrician for Your Custom Home Build

Choosing an Asheville electrician company to wire your custom home will be one of the most significant choices you make during the building process. Licensed and experienced electricians will ensure the wiring installation goes as safely and efficiently as possible.

Below you’ll find important criteria for choosing the right electrician.

Construction Experience with Electrical Wiring

One of the biggest keys to getting your custom home built on time is working with Asheville electricians experienced with home construction. Custom home wiring isn’t just a matter of following construction plans—a good electrician will avoid costly delays by anticipating any wiring pitfalls before they happen.

Trusted by Local Construction Contractors

You should consult with a number of Asheville electrical contractors before making a selection. Follow up with any of the area’s top builders and general contractors to see if these electricians and their work are held in high regard.

Electrical Automation Experience

You should choose an Asheville electrical contractor that is knowledgeable about contemporary hi-tech equipment that automates lighting, cooling, heating, entertainment, security, and other functions through smart devices and the Internet of Things.

Property Protection While Performing Electrical Work

Ask the Asheville electricians you’re considering hiring how they protect surfaces and materials in mid-build while they’re performing their wiring duties. Electricians that prioritize the safety of homeowners’ properties will protect costly flooring, countertops, and walls at all times, as well as maintain a clean workplace.

Custom Home Electrical Skills

Below are must-have skills (beyond basic electrical skills) for your custom home Asheville electrician:

  • Generators
  • Landscape lighting
  • Low voltage linear cove lighting
  • Room scene lighting control
  • Smart home controls
  • Spa and pool wiring
  • Structured wiring (telephone, data, security, video, and audio)
  • Whole house lighting control
  • Window shade motor control