Springtime Electrical Tips from Your #1 Asheville Electrician

There’s nothing like the summer season in the greater Asheville, NC area—but springtime is when you need to run some basic electrical maintenance checks around your property to ensure you and your family are able to fully enjoy the warm weather when it comes. Here are some fundamental maintenance tips.

Check all electrical wiring for your pool and hot tub

It may not be summer yet, but if you identify any issues now, you can schedule electrical service and repair ahead of time to be ready for the upcoming season.

There are many factors which will determine the best type of wire for your pool or spa, such as what kind of equipment you have and how much power that equipment draws. For example, if you have a spa with an air blower, you’ll need to use a heavier-gauge wire than if you just have a regular pool pump.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when wiring your pool or spa is safety. Make sure all of your equipment is properly grounded, and that any junction boxes or other electrical components are in a dry, well-ventilated area.

Check all bulbs and electrical connections for your landscape lighting

Improperly maintained wiring for landscape lighting can be dangerous for both your property and your family. Questions to ask yourself:

  • Is your transformer installed/wired properly?
  • Is your transformer designed to handle the total wattage that it’s currently connected to?
  • Is your transformer connected to a GCFI outlet?
  • Are all of the electrical connections throughout the lighting system in good shape?
  • Is there a chance any buried wires have been damaged by nearby tree roots or burrowing animals?

Test motion detectors and electrical wiring for all security lighting

Property crimes tend to increase with warmer weather, so now is the time to tend to all of your property’s security lighting. Here are some solid tips:

  • clean internal reflectors and lenses
  • clean around light fixtures
  • check for fixtures that need to be repaired/replaced
  • replace bulbs that aren’t working or lighting up properly
  • make sure fixtures remain in optimal lighting position
  • locate any exposed wires

Ensure all outdoor GCFI outlets are working properly

This will ensure any lawn or property care tools can be safely used throughout the season.

GFCI outlets typically are reliable and can last for many years, but they do have their weaknesses. If they aren’t wired properly, then an ongoing issue can develop where that outlet’s circuit breaker continually trips in a situation when it shouldn’t.

Make sure to test every GCFI outlet outside your home by pressing the Test button, then confirming the power is cut by attempting to use the outlet after the circuit has been broken. If the outlet still provides electricity after pressing the Test button, then it’s time to have a professional look at it.

Check existing ceiling fans for proper operation

Test all of your ceiling fans now, then you’ll thank yourself when the summer heat sets in.

To test your fan, flip the wall switch and ensure both light and fan cords have been pulled. If the lights turn on but the fan doesn’t work, there is most likely an issue with the fan’s motor. If the lights and fan both don’t turn on, then it’s possible there’s an electrical issue where the fan isn’t receiving power. Also be sure to check that the light bulbs in the fan aren’t merely burnt out.