What To Expect From A Repair Electrician

When you choose to maintain your home’s electrical systems with A-American Electric, you can do so with the confidence that our repair electricians will deliver safe and efficient expert service. Our team is comprised of electricians who will run thorough diagnostics to identify the problem, make quality repairs with top-notch replacement parts, and run premium safety checks to complete the job. And all the while, our electricians will keep you in the loop. For every single job we take, we are fully accountable for setting expectations, achieving results, and meeting deadlines.

Your Electrician Will Start With A Thorough Inspection & Problem Diagnostics

Before starting any repairs, our electricians examine every job from the root. This first step is a matter of diagnosing the problem and tracking down the cause. After assessing what’s going on, we consider all possible solutions to determine the best service approach. If we are not 100% sure that we have identified the electrical problem accurately and that a long-term solution is possible, we don’t start repairs.

Assessing The Problem With Electrical Repairs

An electrical repair is any type of adjustment that involves fixing an electric device that has become out of order or broken unexpectedly. Repairs are also known as casualty maintenance or unscheduled maintenance.

Sometimes the job will involve rewiring. This task is just as it sounds: an electrician replaces old wires that are either damaged or no longer working in accordance with modern standards and codes. Rewiring can include updates such as adding additional outlets or lights or replacing old outlets with better-performing ones. You may find that electricians need to create a hole in your drywall in order to get to the wires. This depends on what type of repair is required, and no matter the situation, our electricians will inform you of any necessary invasive repairs. Before the electrician begins work, you can expect to discuss whether they plan to repair holes or hire a drywall specialist.

Our Electricians Use High-Quality Replacement Parts

Most repairs require a replacement part. At A-American Electric, you can expect your repair electrician to replace your old part with a durable, high-quality component that meets or exceeds the industry standards. Using high-quality replacement parts can help increase the safety of your electrical system and decrease the need for frequent repairs in the future.

Finally, The Repair Electrician Will Perform Safety Checks

To ensure that the system is free from electrical hazards after conducting the repairs, our repair electrician will conduct a safety inspection. To keep you and your occupants safe, we may recommend additional upgrades. We will do everything we can to prevent injuries and ensure that our workers and clients remain safe.

Contact Us With Your Electrical Repair Needs

If you’re in need of residential, commercial, or industrial electrical repair, feel free to reach out via form or submit a service request online.