Why You Need A Whole-House Generator This Winter

It’s getting colder outside, which means the weather is getting more and more unpredictable. The last thing you need on a freezing winter night is for the power to go out because of harsh winds or snow and ice. But with a whole-house generator, you won’t ever need to worry about a blackout. 

When the power goes out, an automatic generator will make sure the lights and heat stay on in your house. Your food will stay fresh in the refrigerator, critical medical devices will remain online, home security systems will continue recording, and your family will feel much more comfortable. 

Whole house generators can be driven by natural gas, liquid propane fuel or diesel fuel. Which should you choose? That depends on how often your power goes out, your location and how much you’re willing to spend. 

  • Propane: This is a more environmentally friendly option for your backup generator. Propane burns cleanly, has a longer shelf-life, is easily stored in tanks and allows your generator to run quieter. Propane generators are more complex, though, requiring specialized maintenance. 
  • Natural Gas: Similar to propane, natural gas burns cleanly and runs quietly, but it’s not as readily available. There is no tank storage involved with natural gas since it comes directly from the pipeline, but it can be cut off whenever a disaster strikes.
  • Diesel: The safest fuel source for your generator, diesel is the least flammable of the above options and the most attainable. Diesel-run machines have fairly low maintenance costs and you can typically find diesel gas at any gas station near you.

Whole-house generators are located outside your home but wired directly into your electrical system, which allows for an automatic backup for your entire home. 

While portable generators do exist, they only provide enough power for a couple of important items in your residence. You can’t go wrong with the convenience and efficiency that a whole-house generator that’s fully wired into your home circuit can provide. 

A home standby generator is the best choice for keeping your home functioning smoothly, even in the event of a power outage.

Contact us for more information about installing one at your residence. We’ll handle the project from start to finish and get you ready for the unpredictable.

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